What is "The Perfume Culture"?

"The Perfume Culture" is an ambitious project dedicated to fragrances enthusiasts and individuals who fancy the Art of Perfume. We tell original stories, inspired by both researches from industry experts as well as our own trips to Grasse and the Provence region.

Our story of perfume: Grasse Inspiration

Beginning with the idea of making a film about the perfumery, we decided to travel to Grasse, whose reputation is "the World Capital of perfume."


Grasse Inspiration is a short film by The Perfume Culture Project that guides you through a journey with one of the most charming scenes in Grasse and in the Provence region.


This short film plays an important role that delivers the soul of our project.

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Crowdfunding Campaign
Sept - Oct 2020

We aim to publish our book "The Perfume Culture" whose style is a fusion of a cultural book and a coffee table book. It is creative, unique, and accessible.


Through a series of high-quality photos, excellent art illustrations, and content evaluated by experts in the field, "The Perfume Culture" book is expected to bring our readers to fall in love with Grasse and the culture "know-how" from the World Capital of perfume since centuries.


Our project was officially launched on 1 September under the form of a Crowdfunding campaign to help publish our book. At the end of the campaign, we reached 40% of the goal that unfortunately did not allow us to continue our plan. Nevertheless, we continue developing the project to relaunch it as soon as possible.


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See you in our next chapter!