“A day on the road gains you a sieve’s-worth of wisdom”.

– Ancient proverb

To tell the whole story behind our project, let us bring you back to the root…

Once upon a time… we lived in the Eastern part of the world.

Perfume was interpreted as a fashionable and luxurious accessory in our culture from generation to generation.

But, our journey to Grasse – the World Capital of Perfume in France – changed our mind. We cultivated a huge basket of wisdom after each day of learning more about the perfumery. The Perfume Culture, released since 2020, has been becoming a media and education platform with a bigger mission and vision. Above all, we continue promoting the perfumery culture inspired from the town of Grasse and supporting scents community worldwide.

In 2020, we released our short film “Grasse Inspiration” and produced a series of interviews of perfume trainers, local perfume brands, and leaders from the perfumery in Grasse.

“Grasse Inspiration”

A short film that guides you through a journey of the most charming scenes from Lands of Grasse and the Provence neighbourhood. It’s poetic, authentic, and inspiring. This film is designed for those who adore the Mediterranean region and its nature surround.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see our film and interviews here.

Photo & Illustration book

A Book That Treats Your Eyes and Your Curious Mind

Question: Which content is covered in the book?

The book contains many subjects around the perfumery and its know-how culture in Grasse. Through a series of poetic photos, eye-catching illustrations, this book will not only get you travel to Grasse from distance, but also share with you accessible educative information about the world of perfume.

Question: When the book will officially be published?

After a long journey, we are going to present our book to the public in the upcoming month of 2022. So far, let’s keep the date in secret. Please email us if you would like to be the first person to be informed.

Illustrations by our talented artists

The preview of “The Perfume Culture” book

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Perfume Education

We enjoy lifetime learning and encourage sharing knowledge. This mission has been evolved since the beginning of our project and will continue expanding.

To give you a hint, this exciting part of our project is in preparation and will be soon revealed to the public in 2022.

Stay tuned !

For any question concerning our project and partnership request, please contact us here.