Beginning with the idea of promoting the authentic perfumery culture, we decided to travel to Grasse where is well-known as “the World Capital of perfume.”

“The Perfume Culture” project comprises three major branches:

  • Inspiring films and expert interviews
  • “The Perfume Culture” Book
  • Perfume Education

1. Films & Interviews

“Grasse Inspiration” is a short film that guides you through a journey of the most charming scenes from Lands of Grasse and the Provence neighbourhood. It’s poetic, authentic, and inspiring. This film is designed for those who adore the Mediterranean region and the nature surround.

Click on image to watch our film.

In 2020, we shared authentic stories from the perfumery world through a series of film and expert talk. This year, we continue adding more valuable content that digs deeper into the field.

Our objective is to give the public a better view about what happen behind their perfume flacon, the journey of scents.

2. Photo & Illustration book

A Coffee Table Book That Treats Your Eyes and Your Curious Mind

Through a series of photos, art illustrations, and accessible information, this book will connect people worldwide to Grasse, the capital of scents.

Question: Which content is covered in the book ?

Answer: All subject turning around the perfumery. It’s a book that will give access to a bit of everything. Mainly, we promote the original value and the culture “know-how” of perfumery in Grasse.

The Perfume Culture Illustration by artist Léo Yamada

Additional Info:

We officially launched the project on September 2020 through a platform of Crowdfunding campaign called Ulule. Since our campaign did not reach the goal, we are working on new parts of the project while planning to relaunch it in the upcoming months.

The preview of “The Perfume Culture” book

Click here to review our last campaign on Ulule.

3. Perfume Education

This new part of our project is currently in preparation that will be soon revealed to the public. Please stay tuned.